About Sunrise Shells Hawaii


If you are curious to know who we are, we are twin brothers (Brian & Kevin Emery) known as Da Braddah's from the North Shore of Oahu. We grew up as all around waterman, as the ocean was our way of life. We loved and enjoyed all water activities growing up on Sunset Beach. Our parents raised us learning the heights of the mountains to the depths of the sea. We personally find, clean and hand craft the shells and jewelry pieces that you will see here. We have been collecting shells for years. Longer than anyone we know, in fact. This is what we do.
To preserve future generations of sunrise shells and the ecosystem, Sunrise Shells Hawaii does not take live specimens from the ocean. We personally find and hand select discarded shells. No live animals are harmed or destroyed in bringing these beautiful sunrise shell jewelry pieces to market. The Hawaiian concept of malama o ke kai (to care for the ocean) is something very important to us and something we take to heart.
Sunrise shells are among the most beautiful and vibrant shells in the world. They are said to promote blessings of happiness, strength, hope and protection. While wearing jewelry created by Sunrise Shells Hawaii, know that you are wearing shells that are handpicked and made in Hawaii.
Brian Emery
Sunrise Shells Hawaii

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