0019 Hawaiian Sea Shell Lei Handcrafted on the North Shore of Oahu

A stunning creation of the highest quality Try to keep in mind that nothing I can say -- and no words can truly explain -- how perfect this masterpiece is or how many hours went into the gathering and creating of this necklace, which is one of the best sunrise shells and one-of-a-kind necklaces that we have ever made. We had this shell for years, trying to find the perfect necklace design for it. These sunrise shell pieces were hand-shaped round like puka shells for a smooth feeling on your neck. There are no sharp corners. It is hardest for us to create these types of small pieces as it requires a lot of time and attentive, tedious craftsmanship. We put months into the making of this lei.

 This sea shell lei pictured here is the exact shell lei that you will receive.

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Length: 20"

Metal Type (Clasp): 14kt Gold Filled



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